5 Key Tips for Maximising Your Instagram Stories


Instagram stories are the mood of the moment, and we’re loving them here at Inka. We’re always helping our brands to incorporate this quick & simple feature in a move towards more organic engagement with their audiences. Insta stories stand out amongst the sea of sponsored posts. The real-time, and ongoing nature of stories gives brands the perfect opportunity to maximise outreach and build deeper connections with real people.

Check out our top 5 strategic tips to nailing Instagram stories:

1.     Express your PERSONALITY

You don’t want your brand to get lost in the sea of sameness? You want your followers to get to know the real you! Sharing your inner quirks and everyday experiences with people will see interest and engagement sky rocket. Aim to create a personality or “character” for your brand by creating content that reflects your core values, passions and the journey of growth that you envision for your brand.

2.    Remain ORGANIC

In a world of curated perfection, people secretly crave raw and relatable content on social media. So, the more authentic, the better. The best types of activities to slip into your stories include: behind the scenes snippets, announcements, offers, news and updates, progress stories, tutorials, questions and polls (to engage your audience!). Whatever you do, keep it real.

3.     Think FREQUENCY

Get up there with the frequent flyers (aka social media pros) and be seen on a daily basis! As stories only remain visible for 24 hours your content needs to remain up-to-date and current. We recommend you post between 2-5 stories every working day of the week. This is easy to achieve by allocating story posting to one staff member per day. Or, if you’re on the go, take quick videos on your phone and save them to post for later.   

4.     Stay CONSISTENT

Whilst it’s cool to be a hairdressing pro one day and a practicing ninja the next, your stories might get a bit confusing. Whatever content you decide to share, keep in mind that consistency is key. Play to your strengths and always keep your brand voice and messaging front of mind. It’s all about maintaining your look and feel; think same fonts and same colours! Creating a curated vibe is the key to keeping your brand at the front of your followers’ minds.



Let your stories live on! Instagram Highlights lets you save stories in categories which can then be accessed indefinitely. This is the perfect way to organise your content and make the most memorable moments from your brand’s stories stand out. You can try using categories such as: product posts, success journeys, major projects etc.

Give these five key tips a go, and you’ll be well on your way to increased engagement from new and old followers alike. Hello insta story pro!