Making Your Brand More Memorable


Memorable branding is certainly one of the most favoured current buzzwords in the world of marketing, PR and social media. But just like so many other buzzwords, do you really know what it means to make your brand memorable? Like, really, really memorable?  

We believe that a memorable brand consists of three key ingredients; consistency, knowledge and personality. Sit tight whilst we break it down.

1. Consistency

Consistency across your marketing and communications is absolutely paramount to the success of a brand. Three key elements include, but certainly aren’t limited to, the treatment of imagery, language and design. These components should unite to create your very own unique tone-of-voice and brand message. This message should then be integrated across every marketing and communications platform that has your brand’s name to it.

Keeping your brand consistent on any public or digital platform is key to creating a unique personality that people will remember and come back to.

2. Knowledge

As Sir Francis Bacon once said, “Knowledge is power and kickass branding...”, or something along those lines - and we agree! Knowing your audience, competitors and positioning sets you up for success. It’s impossible to engage successfully in marketing activity without having identified your unique position in the market first.

One important distinction to make is the value of your brand to your audience, not just to you alone. It’s quite possible you might not even be relevant to your current target market so make sure you keep up-to-date with who they are and what they want. Remaining objective is essential when it comes to branding, it’s not rocket science, just smart and considered branding that Sir Francis Bacon would be proud of.

3. Personality

Now, this is an important one. Don’t blend in and stick to the safe path in the game of life, take a risk, make your brand exciting and fun! Excitement is always memorable. Make sure your brand stands for something, and importantly, know what that something is. If you’ve already followed the ‘knowledge’ step above, then you will have sussed out your competitors. Learn from them, but don’t copy them. Memorable brands stand out because they are unique and they follow their own path, they take risks and make smart branding decisions that let the personality of their brand shine through.

Now that we’ve hit you with all of these amazingly incredible information bombs, we want to leave you with an explanation as to why our team at Inka places so much time and emphasis on making brands memorable.

If your brand is memorable, not only will people engage with your business, they will grow to love and depend on your business. Your audience/clients/buyers will remain loyal to you, your business will grow, your image will grow, your profits will grow and, of course, your brand will grow.  

So go ahead and do it, take our advice, give it a crack, and bask in those warm and fuzzies that will come with making your killer brand memorable. And as always, if you need a little help from a friend, we’re only a phone call away.

Happy branding,

Team Inka  

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