3 Trends That Make Facebook Advertising More Powerful Than You Think


Facebook is no longer a platform that simply connects people. As one of the world’s largest social networks, it can be one of the most powerful marketing platforms for your business with the right strategy and execution, especially since its acquisition of Instagram in 2012. It is important to learn how you can transform the way your business engages with customers using the latest tools and technologies Facebook offers.

Check out some of the latest trends in Facebook advertising that are making some of the best brands around the world go bang!


1. Focusing on the moment


Following Snapchat’s success, there has been a rise in ephemeral content, but right now you’re probably asking yourself, what on earth is that? Simply put, it’s any visual content that is only available for a period of time. The perfect example on Facebook and Instagram would be Stories and live videos. Unlike polished ads that push a product to its audience, this kind of content is inexpensive, informal and more authentic to viewers. It’s a great way for showing a side of your brand that people don’t always get to see. Your business should strategise ephemeral content marketing and decide what content is the most engaging. When used correctly, Stories can be used to connect with customers on a personal level and grow their affinity to your brand. Live videos keep followers engaged with your brand by live streaming product demonstrations, Q&As or events that viewers would otherwise not attend in person.


2. Connecting anywhere, anytime

Once a platform for people to chat to each other, the popular messaging app Messenger now offers a real-time connection between brands and customers. It provides a cost-effective and speedy approach to customer service by allowing one-on-one communication. The new Messenger Platform 2.0 offers a suite of tools for businesses to explore new visual, social and conversational capabilities of their bots. Last year, Boost Juice even used a chatbot to promote a new smoothie by engaging users to play a dating game on Messenger. 

As a business, your best bet is to break down the barriers of traditional customer service and use chatbots to offer support and recommendations, and enable transactions for your brand.


Virtual reality is no longer the stuff of science fiction movies – Ready Player One, anyone? The best part about VR is that it encourages engagement by offering an unbound, immersive and unique experience. Facebook’s new Camera Effects Platform turns smartphones into an augmented reality platform, allowing artists and developers to create effects for the Facebook camera. Brands can look forward to enhancing the shopping experience with ‘try-on’ interactive technology using smartphones as Rimmel London has done.

Having acquired Oculus Rift in 2014, Facebook recently unveiled Spaces—its first virtual hangout app for friends. Currently marketed as an extension of Facebook’s social platform, there is huge potential for brands to jump onboard this platform to develop interactive branded experiences and enhance e-commerce by setting up virtual fully equipped stores.

It seems like Facebook is determined to help businesses enhance their digital experience right from users’ smartphones and other devices. The potential waiting to be unlocked by these trends is at the tips of our fingers – quite literally! Taking note of the latest trends can really elevate your business to the next level. With the saturation in branded content, we definitely think that throwing in some creativity into your brand's marketing mix is a must for 2018!