Why we loved Uber and Drinkwise’s Ghosting campaign


There’s nothing that floats our boat more at Inka Creative than an integrated marketing and communications campaign that is creative, relatable and interactive, which is why the campaign from Uber and Drinkwise from earlier in the year has caught our attention for all of the right reasons!

For this awesome campaign, Drinkwise and Uber joined forces to help people avoid peer pressure to stay out drinking with a campaign celebrating the fine art of ghosting. For those of you who don’t know, Ghosting is a modern day disappearing act… vanishing from a situation without a word mentioned.

The Ghost with Uber campaign identified an opportunity to help “Ghosters” get home safe by introducing a new ‘ghosting mode’ on the Uber app which enables users to send a custom message to friends to let them know they’ve vanished to take a safe ride home.

Here are the 4 main reasons we loved this campaign;

1.    The campaign was integrated

As a full-service agency, we see so much value in creating integrated campaigns that use many channels with complimentary creative content because we know these campaigns are more effective at being noticed, creating awareness and generating real results. This campaign included out-of-home, social and digital activity, street posters, PR and influencer activity and promotion during the Hamish and Andy radio show on Fox FM. It will also be promoted via the Uber app. This is such a great way to get the audience’s attention from all angles!

2.    It was fun and Interactive

This campaign had an interactive element where users were able to send their friends a personalised message after leaving a night out, complete with Uber map view of you being driven away – the ultimate ‘ghost’. We love that users are able to have the last word and spread the word to their friends in a fun way after leaving them without saying goodbye. This interactivity makes the campaign a lot more likable and memorable for not just the ‘ghosters’, but also for their friends!

3.    It speaks to the target audience in a way they can relate to

It isn’t easy to encourage young people to stop drinking to excess, it has been a huge part of Australian culture for such a long time and not participating in social drinking can be seen as anti-social.

This clever campaign has tapped into ‘Ghosting’, ‘smoke-bombing’ and ‘phantoming’ which have all become a part of modern vernacular – which a lot of people are self-claimed experts at.  By playing on ‘ghosting’ this campaign has appealed to the target audience that want to be seen as fun and having a sense of humour.

4.    It is influencing behaviour change

We all know that drinking too much not only causes an array of potentially long-term health and behavioural issues for individuals but also has ramifications for the wider community. This campaign seeks to bring awareness to this behaviour and will make it easier (and quite funny) for individuals to leave a night out early. Changing people’s behaviour that doesn’t involve an instant gratification is actually one of the most difficult objectives for any campaign!

The good news is, you don’t have to be a giant like Uber to run an effective integrated campaign across multiple channels. Nor do you need an astronomical ‘Uber’ budget to generate a desired outcome. Cost effective integrated campaigns can be created for any brand, big or small. How? Just ask us!

Until then, as always, keep it real (and integrated!). 

Team Inka  

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