Our 2 Key Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Agency

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Congratulations! You’ve just found an agency that gets you, has great ideas and is ready to max out your marketing activity with all of their creative might! But how do you make the most out of your new relationship with your agency? We’ve put two quick, albeit highly effective, tips to ensure a positive and productive working relationship. Here we go!

#1: Dare to Trust & Try  

In my agency, I trust! That’s what we like to believe our Inka brand’s mantra is when they choose us to work with.

Many people have had varying experiences with agencies, some good, others bad and it’s absolutely important to hold your agency accountable for the work they are doing. However, do remember that your agency is here to push your brand into new territory and generate results that have been previously unseen.

Change initiates new results. Creativity tests new waters and trust instils belief into the process.

Trust us when we say, your best interests are at heart. A good agency will want you to succeed with every ounce of their energy and will do everything to help inspire the right kind of change to your brand and business.

Remember, success is always mutually beneficial. If your brand succeeds, so does the agency. Here at Inka, we recommend marketing activity to our brands that we are certain will meet their business objectives and improve ROI. Our brands that consistently dare to trust and try not only get the most out of us, but their marketing activity too.  

#2: Stay Engaged

Even though we wish it were true, agencies don’t have a magic crystal ball to see what’s happening inside your organisation at all times, so that’s why we need you just as much as you need us! (By the way, if anyone knows where we can find a crystal ball, please email us at hello@inkacreative.com.au - gracias!)

Many people assume that once they employ an agency to take care of their marketing, that they can disengage and let the professionals execute the work. Whilst this is partly true (we’re here to make your life easier, of course!) agencies still require regular feedback, input and communication to ensure they are effectively marketing your brand and adjusting activity accordingly.

At Inka Creative, we schedule regular, sometimes even weekly meetings with our brands to touch base and ensure both parties remain on the same page. Our social and digital team will often use this time to plan campaigns or ask for more content (ie behind the scenes photos, videos and information) whilst our communications and events team use this as an opportunity to ensure deadlines and deliverables are being met and individual responsibilities are understood.

An agency should always work to meet your requirements, and our experience is that everything happens far more efficiently and effectively when communication and engagement are being met with the same amount of enthusiasm and commitment on both sides.

- Chantal

Are you looking for a new creative marketing agency to work with? We just might be the right fit for you. Please get in touch, we’d love to talk about your future success story.