Tale Of An Inka Intern: My Top 4 Takeaways


9am sounds like a friendly greeting, the start-up chime of MacBooks, the blissful ring of incoming emails. By 10am, you smell the waft of roasted coffee beans, feel the buzz.  

Now we’re in business. From sourcing creative inspiration, planning & promoting an upcoming event, writing copy for social media, launching into website design or honing in on a client’s branding strategy, believe it or not, this sums up a typical day at Inka. That being said, there are some things you have to experience to understand. 


As my time as an intern at Inka Creative comes to a close, I would like to share my top 4 lessons learnt, in hope that they may come in handy for future #inkainterns.

1. Be a sponge! 

Imagine yourself as a sponge thrust into the ocean that is Inka Creative. There is infinite information and tools for you to soak up as an intern. The best way to do so is with an open mind, and a desire to learn. Immerse yourself in Inka projects by interacting with other team members, showing interest in, and observing their work, and sitting in on client-facing meetings. My top tip is to keep a notepad and pen on hand to take notes. And never be afraid to ask questions! 


2. Be confident (nobody bites!)

Coming into a professional workplace straight out of uni can be daunting - but try to keep your cool. In other words- fake it till you make it! This is especially valuable advice when it comes to gaining experience in areas that can’t be taught in the classroom. One of my favourite intern experiences was attending Inka's Positano themed Christmas Festa, and personally meeting the people from the #inkabrands I had been working on and interacting with social media influencers. Try to see times like these as an opportunity to expand your network and gain first-hand insight into the creative industry! Inka taught me how events and confidence truly do go hand in hand. 

3. Let your mind run wild 

The best part about interning at a smaller agency like Inka, is the creative freedom that it allows for. Don’t be shy to let your mind run wild and bring your uniqueness to the table. During my internship, I was particularly involved in content creation for Inka’s own Instagram & Facebook accounts. The challenge of finding creative ways to say otherwise mundane things was one I embraced. You’ll see that the #inkateam is always down for a fun and imaginative brainstorm session, and that everyone embraces their creative realms- be it art, music, photography or fashion! 

4. The people make the company

This brings me to my last point, which is that company culture is EVERYTHING, and Inka’s got it down pat! The #inkateam is always 100% there to help, encourage and support one another - which is something (I am told) that is rare to come by. Make the most of this by getting to know your team mates and engaging with those around you. Always be open, but most importantly - be you. 

My internship with Inka Creative has most definitely re-enforced my passion for marketing & communications and given me the push I needed to break into the industry. If you’ve been thinking about interning with Inka, don’t be afraid to reach out. Email hello@inkacreative.com.au with your resume and cover letter to apply or apply via the job listing here.

Good luck!