Redesigning The ASOS Customer Experience


The enormous speed at which the online fashion industry is evolving has made it imperative for brands to not only understand their customer’s journey, but to improve it so that they can best provide a positive, easy and accessible customer experience. Two years ago, my peers and I had the opportunity to redesign ASOS’ CX during our Masters of Marketing degree at RMIT, and, excitingly, our article was published in Marketing Magazine.

Our original article can be found here:

I was recently reflecting on the article and decided to revisit the site again to see if ASOS have redefined their online retail experience as it’s more important than ever for brands to understand their customers’ journey and to listen to what their customers want.  

While the brick-and-mortar shopping experience is a true challenge to replicate online, ASOS have implemented a machine-learning algorithm to their site to deliver style and size recommendations to each unique customer. Their ‘You Might Like’ tool found on product pages uses technology to help customers discover new items based on their individual buying and browsing behaviours. So you know when you search for a pair of pink disco pants for your friend’s Hen’s Night on ASOS and then your social media feed is full of ads for disco pants? Yeah, that’s we’re talking about.  The ‘Fit Assist’ AI software also helps with this through reducing the possibility of a customer receiving items that don’t fit them. Not only is this a win for you (not as many trips to the post office), it’s a win for ASOS via reduced refund costs.  

Future of Fashion.png

The ‘Style Match’ AI is another new feature of their site that has been implemented since we wrote our article. Millennials can now use their smart phone to find what styles are trending and upload a screenshot of their favourite influencer (hey, Kendall Jenner) and immediately find similar items that are available to purchase. This has obviously proven to be a very popular CX change for ASOS, because…hello… you don’t have to spend hours searching the web for a significantly cheaper version of the dress Rihanna wore to the MET Gala in 2018 (without the Pope hat of course).

One aspect of our redesign that ASOS has not yet implemented is the use of augmented reality software. ZOZO, a Japanese apparel website, has developed an app using motion-capture technology that allows consumers to take their exact measurements using their smart phone in their own home. ZOZO then goes on to make custom clothing recommendations based on their exact measurements. (You might have seen this on Safiya Nygaard’s YouTube channel). ASOS is also yet to introduce a drone-delivery system, which competitor Amazon, has already begun developing.

So why did we revisit this article and decide to share it with you? Because we understand how imperative it is for brands to know their audience, understand their audience and most importantly, give their audience what they want and need. Even though ASOS have room to consider new ways of engaging with their social media-savvy audience going forward, they will remain an e-commerce powerhouse so long as they continue to constantly engage with their audience and put themselves in their customers’ shoes (even if it’s just to double check that they’re pretty comfy shoes).