Meet the Team

Sara Borowiak
Founder + Creative Director

Anucia de Boer
Projects, People + Culture Manager

Dee McNamara
Brand + Marketing Strategist

Tayla Munce-Pointon
Digital Marketing Whiz

Jayde Mcveigh
Creative Marketing Whiz

Alanah Moir
Marketing + Communications Whiz

Prue Aja

Sarah Willcocks


Carly Lethborg
Graphic Designer + Brand Beautifier



Like ink(a) onto paper we can help you make your mark. Stand out next to other brands and be memorable.

After travels through Peru and other parts of South America, Inka Creative founder Sara was fascinated by the ancient civilisation of the Incas.This incredible empire grew quickly and spread through the continent. They were forward thinking, creative and clever. Many of their stunning structures such as the famous Machu Picchu still stand today making it clear that their thinking and skills were well before their time.

Although the Incas were around for less than 100 years, their effect on history and the way they are remembered today is undeniable.

Inka Creative draws inspiration from this to create unique and memorable brand experiences for its clients.

Our purpose is to empower lifestyle brands to creatively become better in the way they reach their audience. To help them grow, flourish and thrive while strengthening their positioning.

The personal experience of a boutique agency but with big ideas and big experience.
A friendly, warm and trusting atmosphere.
Creativity, ideas, contacts and strategies to improve customer engagement.
Knowledge and experience of brands within the lifestyle arena. 

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We find solutions, we get things done.

Our Inka Creatives


Founder + Creative Director


"Drawing on my extensive knowledge where creating an ‘experience’ is key, we exist to help brands create an overall customer experience that will compliment and enhance that brand’s (our client’s) credibility, reach and vision."

Your brand has a unique story. Inka Creative founder and director Sara Borowiak is here to help you tell it. She won't do it only with words, but through everyday experiences and immersive events.

Sara possesses over a decade's worth of experience working around the globe in marketing and PR for some of the lifestyle industry's leading lights. Organisations she has worked with include Hyatt Hotels, Rolex, Canturi jewels, The British Museum and National Geographic, and tourism associations spanning all the way from Abu Dhabi to Peru. She has personally collaborated on diverse projects for the likes of people like world-renowned anthropologist and UN Messenger of Peace Dame Jane Goodall, and even assisted movie stars like Pierce Brosnan and rock stars such as Joel and Benji Madden on press trips.

If you have an emerging brand, Sara revels in writing your introduction to the world. From consulting on all aspects of your launch to reaching your very first potential customer (and beyond), she is invested in providing your business with a polished, fully-realised jump start. With established brands, Sara excels in providing perspective on your future direction. She can strategise tiny-but-important details like how your product should be gift-wrapped or how staff should welcome customers, all the way up to a complete brand rejuvenation.

Your individual brand story is waiting to be told. Let Sara and Inka Creative make it an unforgettable tale.


Brand + Marketing Strategist


"I see your brand as a living, breathing thing. Every single touch point contributes to a customer's perception of who your brand is. My goal is to consistently and carefully develop your whole story for maximum impact; ensuring your brand stands out from competitors and is both memorable and meaningful to your customers."

As Inka's Creative Projects Manager, Dee McNamara has a gift for breathing life into brands. Her 15+ years of marketing experience showcase a skill for sharing unique stories. And each tale must be unique as Dee's sweeping portfolio of past clients spans sports, FMCG, product, education, tourism, food and fashion industries.

Her attentiveness and one-size-does-not-fit-all mantra is drawn from scouting leading marketing practices - not only from Australia - but from Dee's travels to conferences and trade shows across Asia, USA and Europe. Her approach has been applied equally to big players such as Pacific Brands and the AFL Players Association as it has to non-profits and more creative projects like Sacred Heart and Museum Victoria.

Playing a major role as part of the Inka Creative team, Dee is in charge of writing a brand's whole story. She takes cares of everything from developing voice, visuals and strategies to curating events and providing creative direction.

Aside from her all-rounder status at Inka HQ, Dee manages to find the time to be published in Marketing magazine and complete her Masters of Marketing at RMIT University.

Your individual brand story is waiting to be told. Let Dee and Inka Creative make it an unforgettable tale.


Projects, People + Culture Manager


“I want to work with people that believe in what they do and do what they say they believe.”

From the outside, it may look like Anucia “Nush” De Boer’s day-to-day schedule involves developing PR, comms and events strategies. But really what she does is to take chaos and fashion it into a kind of beautiful order. With a mind for streamlined thinking and whipping brands’ visions into shape, her weapons of choice are project management app Trello, notebooks and her ever-present ‘to do’ lists.

Anucia adds her extensive background across a range of corporate, public, family-friendly and property events management to the team. She is now thriving on letting her personality and uninhibited ideas shine at Inka (she also thrives on the knowledge that the next lunchtime is always just around the corner). In her time off, Anucia envisions building a self-sustainable property with her partner and hanging out with her rather sassy black cat Archie.

Your individual brand story is waiting to be told. Let Anucia and Inka Creative make it an unforgettable tale.




Digital Marketing Whiz


I love the process of turning an idea into reality. It's so rewarding to put your work out there and to see your clients happy is the greatest satisfaction.”

Our bubbly Digital Marketing Whiz is fuelled by the thrill of the new as much as she is by her regular almond latte. She loves that “new project smell”, thriving on flexing her creative muscle for each new challenge

Tayla’s strong background in graphic design, digital illustration, fashion design and film has led her to designing websites and wireframes at Inka. She also plays a crucial role in creating social media content and campaigns for Inka’s varied mix of clients.

When she’s not spreading calm but happy vibes around the office, you’ll likely find Tayla shaking up a batch of cocktails or catching a gig somewhere around Melbourne.

Your individual brand story is waiting to be told. Let Tayla and Inka Creative make it an unforgettable tale.


Creative Marketing Whiz


“I’m driven by being able to use the creative side of my brain to come up with unique ideas to best present brands and products to the world.”

Having spent over five years in brand management – and with a degree in business/marketing – Jayde McVeigh knows how to take care of your brand with as much considered commitment as she takes care of herself. The pro-active and positive outlook that makes her formidable on the rowing machine at gym, naturally translates into re-energising brands and striving to reach communications goals.

While health and wellbeing clients like fitness studios, bicycle labels and supplements have been an intentional focus for Jayde, she has also gathered diverse experience across events, property and hotel, art and food realms. She is personally motivated by being a part of the Inka team as; “a group of people who are vibrant, energetic and full of ideas.”

After hours, Jayde continues telling stories and stretching her creative muscle - though via a completely different medium: music. This accomplished singer, songwriter and guitarist has a penchant for pop and R&B.

Your individual brand story is waiting to be told. Let Jayde and Inka Creative make it an unforgettable tale.


Marketing Communications Whiz


“For me, creativity is sparked by travelling and meeting new people. Uncovering other people’s stories and learning how they have achieved what they have really inspires me to strive harder for clients.”

As a blogger, skincare obsessive, avid cook and human guardian to two beach-going Cavoodles, Alanah is truly immersed in all things lifestyle. She translates this natural affinity to her work at Inka as our resident Influencer wrangler, brand researcher/matchmaker and social media content creator. Alanah prides herself on her stalking skills on social; making it her business to know the who’s who of the digital space, what they like and what they’re up to next weekend (almost). 

As well as assisting with communications campaign development, Alanah particularly enjoys seeing Inka’s vision for our clients come to life through her contributions to engaging, stylised events. She credits the confidence she has in her creative choices to working alongside such an empowering and supportive in-house team (a little chocolate also helps her along the way).

Your individual brand story is waiting to be told. Let Alanah and Inka Creative make it an unforgettable tale.